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Pattern Intro: Medusa Earwarmer

Ruth gazes peacefully off into the distance while wearing the Medusa Earwarmer. It is an alternating black and multi-colored stripe pattern running around the circumference of hear head. The ear warmer meets in a faux-knot over her eye

Legend says that anyone who locked eyes with the gorgon Medusa would be turned to cold, hard stone.

No one likes to be cold, but I like cold ears the least.

Squishy, double-thick Tunisian crochet fabric is sure to keep your ears warm this Winter!

Adjustable in both width and length, this is a very customizable project that will show off your bright, beautiful yarns well.

Pattern Features

  • Double-Thick fabric for extra warmth
  • Video tutorials to teach joining in the round, the pattern stitch, and headband closure
  • Three sizes: Child (Adult Narrow, Adult Wide)
  • Customizable circumference
  • Tunisian Crochet in the round

There’s no shaping done while making this pattern;

It’s pretty magical if you think about it!

Check out the video below - it'll show you Medusa in motion as well as show off some of my testers' amazing projects!