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It's a new year - you're probably seeing a lot of re-branding posts.

I want to take a minute and explain (briefly) why I've made this choice.

I've been using my name for branding for years now. I thought, "I'll never change my name, so it's perfect and memorable!" Unfortunately, I didn't take safety concerns into consideration.

My husband has a fairly anonymous social media account.. but I didn't. So when someone decided to be a jerk to him, they went to my account (because he followed me) and told him "you follow a woman named Ruth. She lives in (place I live) and does (hobbies I do)," etc.

While that's not exactly stalking or threatening, it was enough to confirm to me that I need to change my branding to something a little less personal.

I'm also working on taking on growing my tech editing business this year, so I wanted to make sure my new branding expressed that.

So, here we are!

Thank you to each of you who has expressed concern for my safety; I do believe this was a one-off occurrence, not a malicious stalking.

You'll be receiving updated patterns with the new branding on Ravelry and if you've purchased through my website you'll receive and email when I update the patterns here.

If you purchased a pattern through Etsy, all you have to do is go back to the order and re-download the new files (as they're available.