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Scrunch Along

Pale pink background, image reads: Scrunch-along. Knit and crochet make along. 7-21 April. 5 scrunchie patterns to choose from. chat with fellow makers on discord channel. prizes for most active participants: digital illustration poster, knit and crochet pattern, yarn-themed coloring page and yarn! @theknitsavvy @figandfilament @ruthbrasch

Hiya friends! Fancy a short-but-fun make along?

I'm co-hosting a Scrunch-Along with Izza from The Knit Savvy and Beth from Fig and Filament!

What in the world is a Scrunch-Along?

We're knitting and crocheting Scrunchies!

It's exactly what it sounds like - a fun group of people making fancy little (or not so little - some of mine got a tad out of hand) hair ties!

Let's talk patterns, shall we?

My pattern is new - it's called the Scrunchie Stack (for obvious reasons).

A woman's left hand on a stone background, holding two scrunchies and wearing two.

This pattern is free to my newsletter subscribers for the duration of the event!

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If you subscribe between now (April 7, 2022) and the end of the event (April 21, 2022) you'll also receive the email with the PDF in it.

Izza and Beth both have paid and free options for the event as well - we pretty much just want you all to come play with us and make scrunchies together!

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How to join the Discord channel, and more,

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